Quick Note

I don’t think anyone who is creative should have to justify or explain their work, regardless of whether they paint, create music or sculptures, perform, or write. We all do it for different reasons and have different perspectives. We have different intentions, and ideas on how our work should look when it’s finished.

Right now, however, I am feeling the need to defend my right to express my creativity in whatever way I choose, excepting of course, if it is causing another harm. 

The work I share in this space is mostly stream-of-conscious stuff – the words arrive, my fingers type them, I hit ‘publish’. I rarely read it, except to proofread, it is not edited, it is not polished, and it is certainly not intended to be perceived as the work of a professional. If that is the type of writing you are wanting to read, than you are sure to be disappointed by what you find in this space. But I am not going to judge you for your personal tastes and desires, so please don’t judge me for the words that I share here.

Kindness doesn’t cost anything, but it sure feels great for both the giver and receiver, and I would love it if, instead of criticising or putting another person down in future, that you perhaps smile, appreciate they may not have the same perspective as you, recognise they also have thoughts, feelings and dreams, just as you do, and give thanks that an opportunity to discover something about yourself just presented itself.

Have a great day ❤


I’m nervous about tomorrow
I’m not sure where to start
I have no answers to provide
About the base on which to build
So is it worth saying anything else?
Because without a solid foundation
Everything will crumble, so why bother?
There’s been a change in Muse
But we’ve never discussed that
And I don’t want to look to deeply
Into something that may not last
So I’d probably rather wait
But what will we talk about?

Me 101

Sometimes the things I want to say
Are not what’s said at all
Sometimes it’s different words
That come marching through the door
Sometimes my words get mixed around
And twisted inside out
And interpreted to mean
Completely something else
But that’s okay, it really is
As long as the words are shared
The feelings are released
And to myself my soul is bared

Internal Conflict

I spend more time in my head
Than I do in the land of the living
Or so it seems from what I’ve read
And the emotions it’s been giving
If I didn’t need the motivation
I wonder if I would really need
Anything other than my creation
And perhaps a little weed
But as tempting as it is
The real world feeds the words
That create my ideal bliss
So I must not only turn inwards


I’ve sent a message to all my friends on kik
Facebook Messenger is next on my list
And then, if there’s still no result
It will be Phone Contacts that I’ll consult
And … Uh…. Wait, I’ll be back in a flash
“Ting ting” goes the phone, so to it I dash
So sorry I can’t finish the poem


Trying to grasp some headspace
In which to do some work
Seem to be failing miserably
So searching for some new perspective
To see things in a different light
And hopefully trick this wandering mind
Into submitting to my will
Which brings into consciousness
A whole range of thoughts and ideas
That have nothing to do with the present
And everything to do with the past and future
How do I find the here and now
And settle into the peace required
To focus on what needs to be done?


As always, you bring the words.
I don’t know why, or how it works,
But there is something about you
That always brings them through.
What is it that binds us so tight,
That even when using all our might,
We cannot break free from bondage?

It can’t be love, ’cause that’s dead and gone,
And has been since I became a pawn,
In your games of sexual conquest –
So we can lay that theory to rest.
It can’t be lust or sexual needs,
Or even friendship that constantly feeds
Our connection to each other.

None of those things exist between us now.
So, I really would, like to know how
Are we connected so fiercely together?
If I close my eyes, I can almost feel the leather
Of the bonds that tie us up as one,
As they cut into my skin, making me numb
To the pain you create for me.

I thought you’d decided to stick to the plan,
That for once you would be a gentleman,
And respect my decision and wishes,
But, it seems, you can’t live without my kisses.
I’m not quite sure of where I’m at
When it comes to considering that,
Because my heart has let you go.

But, as always you bring the words,
And for that I’m more grateful than you’ve heard,
Because without them I feel so lonely.
But I can’t help wishing a silent “if only”
The words would come without you,
So I could live a life that’s true,
And you might also be happy.