It’s no wonder you are tired
The amount of consideration
For every action
Every thought
Every emotion
Drains you of energy
And as beautiful as
The process is to watch
I can’t help but wonder
What you would achieve
If your energy was
Consumed in other ways


So many seeking sex
Has it always been this way?
Or do we have more sexual freedom
Than back in the ‘Olden Days’?
But then think about Greece and Rome
And what’s coming from Pompeii,
Perhaps it could be argued
That somewhere we lost our way?
For are we not just animals
When it comes right down to it?
So why regulate and restrain,
Why not just go on out and do it?


Something exquisitely beautiful
Effortless and free
Who would have thought
It could happen to me
You’ve broken the bond
Released me from chains
You’ve taken me higher
Than I dreamed to obtain
We’ve melded as one
And united our pain
Life will never again
Be the same


Trying to grasp some headspace
In which to do some work
Seem to be failing miserably
So searching for some new perspective
To see things in a different light
And hopefully trick this wandering mind
Into submitting to my will
Which brings into consciousness
A whole range of thoughts and ideas
That have nothing to do with the present
And everything to do with the past and future
How do I find the here and now
And settle into the peace required
To focus on what needs to be done?

Lengths and Depths

Sitting here, thinking of you,
Wondering what it is you want,
I can’t help but wonder if you
Think of me often or not.
No one could deny how intense
The physical attraction has been.
And the attraction to the mind’s immense,
Though our hearts are never seen.
I want you as Sir and Master,
Though I’m not sure you’re willing to go
To the lengths and depths I’m after,
But I guess there’s only one way to know.
Do you have the discipline you need
To ensure no bounds are crossed?
And what of the awareness I need
To know you have, so I can trust?
Just how far are you really willing to go?