Are You Psychic?

How did you know,
When I never said,
And you never asked?
But you delivered
What I have been
Seeking for so long.
Your intuition has left me
Completely bamboozled.
I asked the Universe
For effortless, and wow,
I am receiving it in spades!
It makes a nice change
From lies and deception,
From hollow words and
Broken promises.
I would wish to keep you,
But it’s not right to tame
Something so free.
All I can do is thank you,
And hope you continue
To guide me a little longer.


Your words make me so happy
It seems we are both becoming free
Strange forces are once more
In motion, opening door after door
So many choices could be made
And as for my latest escapade
I’m sure it will appear in writing
But for now I am delighting
In the sense of adventure
Embracing and relishing the pleasure
Of being myself

One Door Closes

The Universe works in mysterious ways
It’s shown me this before
But just as one is leaving
You come knocking at my door
Emotional journeys so parallel
And a name that lays perfectly
Between the lie and what is real
I can’t help but wonder what it means
Is there a bigger picture here?
Some kind of destiny?
I don’t really care, truth be told,
Because it doesn’t really matter
But it certainly makes me wonder

Wandering Mind

Two hours sleep, but now wide awake
And I have to be on the road
In three hours time

Not a nightmare, but a dream just as vivid
Played on the screen in my mind
Leaving me breathless

Sitting here now, my mind wanders round
The memories of recent times
Leading me to you

A deep, dark, mystery, never to be understood
And I think I have given up
Trying anyway

My gratitude can never be expressed in words
Nor the pain with any reason
And as for emotions…

It is what it is, and will be whatever it will
There’s certainly no controlling
The content or direction

The Universe brought us together with force
Hopefully for some kind of reason
Yet to be revealed

I have so much I want to share with you
On every level imaginable
Before our time is up

My restless mind is starting to wander again
With any luck this time it will be
In the direction of sleep


You drew me in more tightly, each time I moved away.
Every exhalation a warm caress on my spine.
Contentment, peace and love flooded my veins,
Carrying your essence along with oxygenated blood,
To every pore and cell of my being.
My mind empty of everything other than you.
No past, no future, just here and now.
Such precious moments to savour forever.