We Are The Same

“You never judge me.”

And why would I? You are me.”

“What do you mean?”

We are parts of the same one. You are me, and I am you. Like two containers of sand mixed together – once mixed, you can’t tell them apart.”

“Kind of like a drop of food colouring in a glass of water? Once stirred you can’t separate them?”



Three days
Five years
Yet another turning point
Everything seems to hinge
On this date once more
There is a sense of adventure
This time around however
Anticipation is increasing
At what Friday may bring

Left Behind

I haven’t heard from you in quite a while,
And I am really okay with that.
I’m not sure what I would say,
Even if you did contact me.
Things have changed,
In such a very short time.
But isn’t that the way of change?
When we remove the obstacles,
The limitations and restrictions
Of preconceived ideas, and
Negative thinking,
And open ourselves
To the infinite possibilities
Of the Universe, amazing things happen.
So, I’m sorry if you’ve been left behind,
Because I’ve barely kept up myself,
And it’s highly likely I am no longer
The person you once knew.
Regardless of whether we ever reconnect,
Your part in my journey is truly valued,
And will never be forgotten.

Are You Psychic?

How did you know,
When I never said,
And you never asked?
But you delivered
What I have been
Seeking for so long.
Your intuition has left me
Completely bamboozled.
I asked the Universe
For effortless, and wow,
I am receiving it in spades!
It makes a nice change
From lies and deception,
From hollow words and
Broken promises.
I would wish to keep you,
But it’s not right to tame
Something so free.
All I can do is thank you,
And hope you continue
To guide me a little longer.


Your words make me so happy
It seems we are both becoming free
Strange forces are once more
In motion, opening door after door
So many choices could be made
And as for my latest escapade
I’m sure it will appear in writing
But for now I am delighting
In the sense of adventure
Embracing and relishing the pleasure
Of being myself

One Door Closes

The Universe works in mysterious ways
It’s shown me this before
But just as one is leaving
You come knocking at my door
Emotional journeys so parallel
And a name that lays perfectly
Between the lie and what is real
I can’t help but wonder what it means
Is there a bigger picture here?
Some kind of destiny?
I don’t really care, truth be told,
Because it doesn’t really matter
But it certainly makes me wonder