Forever Grateful

I want to express my gratitude,
To pour out my heart and soul
And sincerely thank you.
I know I have told you before,
But every day I am learning
I will be grateful forever more,
Because you unleashed me.
You gave me confidence.
You taught me to love my body.
And that is just the start.
You made me more aware of
The conflict of head and heart.
You taught me to be patient,
To trust what is in the here and now,
And not assume bad intent.
I will never be able to list
All of the incredibly amazing
Experiences and gifts
You have given me,
But my dearest wish
Is for you to be happy
And know that you have changed
My life for the better, even though
We’ve been through so much pain.


Thank you for reminding me
Just where my strength was born
You’ve come along and set me free
But my power hadn’t really gone
It was on hiatus, I can see that now
It’s an indescribable feeling
No words capture it, but wow!
How damn empowering
To be feeling this today
When the puppeteer is trying
To manipulate and play
But let him try his hardest
To break me through and through
Because his worst is no contest
For the gift that’s come from you
I don’t know where you’ve come from
Or if you’ll even stay
But thank you for the freedom
You’ve given me today


The gift is priceless
To know I can walk away
That I’m not bound
And needs can be met
In other ways
I can’t ever repay
The gift I’ve received
My thanks I can’t express
In any way
That really captures
The depth of
My gratitude


I wonder if you will
Ever come to understand
How much you have given me?
Your gifts have been
Inadvertent, I know,
Given without your knowledge,
But that does not lessen
The degree to which
I treasure them.
I can’t imagine
Finding anyone else
Who could awaken me
In the way you have.
Your love, once again,
Given subconsciously,
Has been a lifeline,
And the thought
Of living without it
Hurts my heart
Far more than
I would like to admit.
There is no way
I can repay you.
All I can do
Is love you
With everything I have
And wish you
All the joy in the world.


I assume someone else
Now has your heart
The way I used to
The thought makes me sad
But I can’t think
Of anything I can do
To make things
The way they once were
I know I will cry
And suffer the pain
But I hope with all my heart
You are happy

No Regrets

I sat here the night I met you.
Memories come flooding back.
Who knew I’d be here again,
Ten months down the track?
Contemplating the journey,
That’s coming to an end.
Still trying to understand it,
Because it’s never made much sense.
To be so drawn and bound,
To one you barely know,
And yet be oh so grateful,
That you’ve helped me learn and grow.
Would I go back and change it?
Not for a second would I choose,
To pass up the strange experience,
Of knowing you as I do.
But I know I know you not,
The real you I barely glimpse.
Beneath the fibs and lies,
Of the truth there’s only hints.
Still I’m sure I can see,
The one you really are,
Just dying to be set free.
The incredibly loving person,
Beneath a life that’s so unreal,
Buried and consumed,
By wounds that’ll never heal.
Perhaps that is what binds us –
Two souls so badly broken,
Needing to give and receive love,
But have words remain unspoken?
Because a bond we can’t deny,
Definitely exists.
And even in adversity,
Our love continues to persist.
You doubt my every word,
As I doubt each of yours,
But there’s no doubt about our love,
As we know that it endures.
But the time is fast approaching,
For us to go our separate ways,
Both hearts are not just breaking,
But shattering, a thousand different ways.
If I could have this time again,
I’d do it all the same.
I’d love each tender moment,
And suffer all the pain,
Because when all is said and done,
I know one thing to be true,
I’m such a better person,
For the time I’ve spent with you.