Something exquisitely beautiful
Effortless and free
Who would have thought
It could happen to me
You’ve broken the bond
Released me from chains
You’ve taken me higher
Than I dreamed to obtain
We’ve melded as one
And united our pain
Life will never again
Be the same

I Am Enough

No one has ever just listened.
It’s still blowing my mind.
No advice, no question,
No making me feel less,
Or crazy, or mad.
You just listened to me vent,
Let me feel what I felt, and
Accepted me as I am.
How can “thank you”
Ever be enough to capture
And express my gratitude?
I truly felt I am me, and
I am enough.
No one other than myself
Has ever made me feel that way.
Even now I am struggling
To find the words to convey
Just how much that means to me.

Long Night

Thank you for being there
Through a sleepless night
Thank you for making me feel
That I am all right
Thank for not judging me
Or questioning my feelings
Thank you for letting me be
And not sending me reeling
Thank you, just thank you
For allowing me to be me
And for you being you


I feel the need to tell you this
And yet don’t want you to know
At least not while it’s bliss
But earlier tonight the tears did flow
As I thought how long and hard
I have wished and desired to die
During the near and distant past
And how lucky I am to have survived
So I can be here to experience this

Robert’s Gift

My heart is aligned with my mind?
Oh, what a discovery!
What a magical find!
What an aide to recovery!
You are a wonderful man
My thanks are sincere
I think you’re part of the plan
To bust the veneer
Regardless I’m grateful
Because it now makes sense
The knowledge’s delightful
Even though I felt dense
So I will enjoy what is
Just as I have done
And revel in the bliss
Of feeling as one
Thanks for your gift
Although inadvertent
It’s given me a lift
And made me cognizant

Final Thanks

I’ve been dreading this day for weeks,
But now that it’s arrived,
I find anxiety’s not at a peak,
And so far I have survived.
Although the day has barely started,
And who knows what is in store.
By the end we will have parted,
And I won’t see you any more.
I’m not completely devastated,
As I was expecting I would be.
All the things I contemplated,
I now hope to never see.
The future’s looking rosy,
No matter what it brings,
For even if it’s crazy,
I know my heart still sings.
So, here’s my final thank you,
For everything that’s done.
For teaching me to be true,
And for all the joy and fun.
For all the pain and heartache,
The emotions and the tears,
For leaving me more awake,
And learning about my fears.
May all good things come your way,
As we move forward from here.
And the final thing I have to say,
Is, oh my goodness, what a year!