Love And Hate

The welts will heal,
Of this I’m sure
But our love making
Has once more
Opened the portal
Between then and now
A major flashback
Cock in mouth
Slapped by the belt
I remembered exactly
How it felt
I wanted to stop
And end it there
But a deeper desire
To understand appeared
So I continued on
Until you opened a wound
Both real and imagined
And allowed me to
Delve into times gone by
But it wasn’t until
The belting stopped
And you rolled me over
And climbed on top
That the truth became so clear
Because regardless of
The beltings he gave
And how I hated him dear
As soon as ever he climbed on top
The anger would disappear

The Belt

I bought you a present Sir
That I think you’ll rather like
It’s sure to make the kitten purr
Which causes you delight
Marking your territory will
Be quite simple I imagine
And trying to stay still
Will be my greatest challenge

Into The Light

Your hands around my throat
Make me feel alive
Providing an ironic antidote
And motivation to survive
To reach for greater heights
Than I ever have before
While craving for the nights
Of kneeling on the floor
Hearing the whisper of your belt
As it’s removed from your hips
The soothing balm soon felt
Then the soft caress of your lips
Walking through the dark side
Leads me to the light
By releasing from the inside
The soul destroying blight
Of the legacy left long ago
By one who should have cared
More than to just bestow
A death wish in my head


I am struggling to remember
You are not the one who came before
Sometimes your words are so similar
Anger and annoyance rise from my core
Even though you are not the same
And you’ve proven this in action
I’m scared of playing the same old game
So withdraw my heart a fraction
More each time you hit a nerve
And I’m not sure how this is impacting
On my willingness to serve
But I do know it is making
Me force you to work harder
Than possibly you might
If it weren’t for lessons from a Master
That has left me feeling fright

Love, Honour and Obey

Standing in our remains
Marvelling at our creation
Stinging, burning, tingling
I find it hard to breathe
We’re not quite there yet
But I know it won’t be long
And I will be your servant
Fulfilling your every need
Obeying every command
Or face the punishment
That’s fits each of my crimes

Effort Required

It doesn’t matter who it is,
If someone smiles at me
I become emotionally attached.

But over the last four weeks,
I have been being taught,
How to gradually detach.

So I’m sorry to have to tell you,
My darling Mr Trouble,
That it now takes effort to win me.

For no matter how I might adore you,
Or feel emotions building within,
There’s some action I need to see.

I’ve learnt well from a Master
Of being used and abused,
And that’s no longer what I choose.

So pull your socks up Kid,
And put in some work real soon,
Or you’ll be the one to lose.