So many seeking sex
Has it always been this way?
Or do we have more sexual freedom
Than back in the ‘Olden Days’?
But then think about Greece and Rome
And what’s coming from Pompeii,
Perhaps it could be argued
That somewhere we lost our way?
For are we not just animals
When it comes right down to it?
So why regulate and restrain,
Why not just go on out and do it?

Who Would I Be?

What would I do,
And who would I be,
If there were no ‘shoulds’
Or ‘should nots’?
Would there still be such
Conflict in my mind if these
Limitations did not exist?
What would it mean to be ‘me’
If there were no ingrained
Social control mechanisms?
In what ways would life be different?
Or would it be just the same?

Giant Leap

I came to the edge
And jumped
I can no longer
Not be me
Now that my heart’s
Been dumped
It’s time to set
Myself free
My true self
That is
The one so
Free spirited
The one that is
Not his
Free from the
Norms inherited
I wonder what
It will be like
To be at once
Completely me
And not have to
Sit and fight
The inner self so
Desperate to be free


Take me to the Underworld,
Like Hades took Persephone.
Let me taste forbidden fruit,
And wrap me in your arms
So tightly I can’t breathe.
Show me the darkness,
Then follow it with Spring,
Lead me ever deeper,
Teach me everything.