Quick Note

I don’t think anyone who is creative should have to justify or explain their work, regardless of whether they paint, create music or sculptures, perform, or write. We all do it for different reasons and have different perspectives. We have different intentions, and ideas on how our work should look when it’s finished.

Right now, however, I am feeling the need to defend my right to express my creativity in whatever way I choose, excepting of course, if it is causing another harm. 

The work I share in this space is mostly stream-of-conscious stuff – the words arrive, my fingers type them, I hit ‘publish’. I rarely read it, except to proofread, it is not edited, it is not polished, and it is certainly not intended to be perceived as the work of a professional. If that is the type of writing you are wanting to read, than you are sure to be disappointed by what you find in this space. But I am not going to judge you for your personal tastes and desires, so please don’t judge me for the words that I share here.

Kindness doesn’t cost anything, but it sure feels great for both the giver and receiver, and I would love it if, instead of criticising or putting another person down in future, that you perhaps smile, appreciate they may not have the same perspective as you, recognise they also have thoughts, feelings and dreams, just as you do, and give thanks that an opportunity to discover something about yourself just presented itself.

Have a great day ❤


I don’t want to let today go
It’s been so great
I’ve not let the cracks show
And I can’t wait
Until this becomes my normal
When the smile’s real
And the laugh’s less a chortle
More the real deal
Happiness is there though
Buried down deep
Trying to expand and grow
From dormant sleep
But anxiety comes up
To claim the day
Like a young untrained pup
Who wants to play
Exuberant and daft
But unaware
Of damage it imparts
Without a care


I knew I’d lost my happy,
But didn’t realise
Just how low I’d become.
For the first time in weeks
I smiled today – really smiled –
And remembered life is fun.
I remembered who I am,
What I’m all about,
Why I always used to run.
But the gypsy blood is dormant,
I no longer crave escape,
My roaming days are done?
Instead I want to settle,
For at least a little while,
To stabilise, consolidate,
And heal the damaged one.

Giant Leap

I came to the edge
And jumped
I can no longer
Not be me
Now that my heart’s
Been dumped
It’s time to set
Myself free
My true self
That is
The one so
Free spirited
The one that is
Not his
Free from the
Norms inherited
I wonder what
It will be like
To be at once
Completely me
And not have to
Sit and fight
The inner self so
Desperate to be free