Do I Regret It?

Do I regret it?
No, not at all.
I’ve loved every minute,
The laughter, the tears,
The joy and the stress.
Every moment taught me
Something about life and myself.
The memories are precious,
I’d do it again, just the same.
So, no regrets, only sadness
That it’s all coming to an end.


A young girl sits next to me
Not a girl you can see
But she is there all the same
And I know she shares my name
She tells me she’s sad, lonely and scared
That’s definitely sentiments I share
She tells me she didn’t fight to survive
So I could drown in my sorrow and cry
She fought for a future, an adventure, a life
She always knew she’d never be a wife
So she asks me why I am wasting my chance
To adventure, explore, to love and to dance
And as I turn and look into her blue eyes
I find I’m also asking myself why


Thinking of you in the early hours
Of the morning
Remind me of when you first
Would call me
And your texts would keep
Me company
When insomnia killed sleep
I want to text you now
And tell you that I love you
But I know the time has past
For such expression
Even though it’s true
I’m trying to find equilibrium
A balanced state of being
But visions of you in my mind
Is all that I am seeing


When I am in your arms,
I want to stay there forever!
When I haven’t seen you for a while,
With no reply to my texting endeavours,
I want to push you away and leave.
But when the push comes from you,
I am completely lost, and
Unsure what to do.


I assume someone else
Now has your heart
The way I used to
The thought makes me sad
But I can’t think
Of anything I can do
To make things
The way they once were
I know I will cry
And suffer the pain
But I hope with all my heart
You are happy