What Happened?

What happened to the lover of life,
The go-getter, the joy-maker?
What happened to finding wonder
In the smallest, most trivial things?
What happened to the Goddess,
The confident, independent woman?
What happened to que sera,
Whatever will be, detachment?
What happened to me?


When I am in your arms,
I want to stay there forever!
When I haven’t seen you for a while,
With no reply to my texting endeavours,
I want to push you away and leave.
But when the push comes from you,
I am completely lost, and
Unsure what to do.

Giant Leap

I came to the edge
And jumped
I can no longer
Not be me
Now that my heart’s
Been dumped
It’s time to set
Myself free
My true self
That is
The one so
Free spirited
The one that is
Not his
Free from the
Norms inherited
I wonder what
It will be like
To be at once
Completely me
And not have to
Sit and fight
The inner self so
Desperate to be free


I assume someone else
Now has your heart
The way I used to
The thought makes me sad
But I can’t think
Of anything I can do
To make things
The way they once were
I know I will cry
And suffer the pain
But I hope with all my heart
You are happy


And so it is over
Time to say good-bye
Pack away the love left inside
Place it in storage
To be remembered one day
Looked back on when
I’m old and grey
Patch this broken heart
Move on with life
Have no regrets
No more questions why
Wish you well
And all the best
Give thanks for the lessons
And the time we were blessed
Find ways to cope
With feeling sad
Hold on to hope
Remember the fun we had
Dry these tears
Put on a brave face
Drink your beers
Leave with grace
A piece of my heart
Will always be true
And as from the start
Will always love you


Somewhere in the lights below,
You’re home, all warm and snug,
While I’m up here and all alone,
Thinking about our love.
I know it’s all a game for you,
That I understand,
But why does it all feel so true,
Every time you take my hand?