Branded, like livestock, to assert ownership and deter cattle rustlers.

Tattooed, like slaves of days gone by, to show they have a Master.

Badged, with yellow, but not a star, to highlight difference and induce prejudice.

Painted, in shades of black and blue, not Scarlet, to tell the world of my character.

Bruised, to remind and reinforce just where I belong.


You know where I want to go,
And how I want to play.
You listen to the details,
But give nothing away.
Then you take me by surprise,
And show me you have heard.
Tears of love fill my eyes,
Because you’ve captured every word.

Recipe For A Smile

Yo Yo Ma
Johann Sebastian Bach
One unfinished manuscript
Two amazing individuals,
(Constantly texting during the day)
Two laptops
One mobile phone
One mentally ill brain

Combine all ingredients while working on the manuscript.


He held her like there was no tomorrow,
As though today was all they had.
She knew their love would end in sorrow,
And the pain would hurt so bad.
Still they loved, and kissed, and played,
And bared their broken souls.
While in each other’s arms they laid,
They made each other whole.
But the truth would, one day be known,
And apart they would be torn.
From all the lies and secrets sown,
And false promises that were sworn,
Would birth a heartbreak so severe,
No person could survive.
But for now, they ignore their fear,
And keep their love alive.


You drew me in more tightly, each time I moved away.
Every exhalation a warm caress on my spine.
Contentment, peace and love flooded my veins,
Carrying your essence along with oxygenated blood,
To every pore and cell of my being.
My mind empty of everything other than you.
No past, no future, just here and now.
Such precious moments to savour forever.