Faulty Logic

I’ve applied the logic you speak of
And discovered it will never work
Logic says I am unlovable
That there is no conceivable way
The people in my life are interested
In anything more than
What they can take from me
Logic says my life is meaningless
That everything I have lived through
I somehow deserved
Logic says I live in a fantasy world
That is in no way connected to reality
Constantly chasing rainbows in dreams
Of a world full of love and kindness
Logic says no such world exists
Realising logic’s supporting evidence
Is overwhelming and fool-proof
Drains my desire to live
Give me rainbows and unicorns any day
Or give me the freedom of non-existence

Funny Bone

I don’t think I made anyone laugh before
I’d always felt scared and very unsure
About how to tell a joke in a funny way
So it’s quite a change to see me today
Because jokes are now second nature
And I won’t be holding back in future

Me 101

Sometimes the things I want to say
Are not what’s said at all
Sometimes it’s different words
That come marching through the door
Sometimes my words get mixed around
And twisted inside out
And interpreted to mean
Completely something else
But that’s okay, it really is
As long as the words are shared
The feelings are released
And to myself my soul is bared

Robert’s Gift

My heart is aligned with my mind?
Oh, what a discovery!
What a magical find!
What an aide to recovery!
You are a wonderful man
My thanks are sincere
I think you’re part of the plan
To bust the veneer
Regardless I’m grateful
Because it now makes sense
The knowledge’s delightful
Even though I felt dense
So I will enjoy what is
Just as I have done
And revel in the bliss
Of feeling as one
Thanks for your gift
Although inadvertent
It’s given me a lift
And made me cognizant


One day, I’m going to say
Exactly what I think
And not care about the reaction,
Not a single blink.
If I want to know the reason,
Then I shall ask, “why?”
And if I am unhappy,
Then I won’t just let it lie.
But for now I will bite my tongue,
And continue not to speak,
Because I’m still trying to define
Exactly what it is I seek.


Feeling disconnected
Mind separate from the body
The reasons could be many
But I don’t want to know
I don’t want to feel or think
Sometimes I don’t want to grow
But hide under a rock somewhere
In the dark and peaceful quiet
Forget the world exists
Stop the inner riot
The past and present blend together
In some strange and muddled collage
And I can’t make sense of anything
It’s like a weird mirage
The more I try to examine things
They disappear and move
Further in the distance
Becoming more intangible