Lonely or Peaceful

Wrapped tightly in my loneliness,
I remember the words of a friend,
“Is it loneliness or peacefulness?”
Giving me motivation to pretend,
To fake it ’til I make it and feel
Peaceful, both without and within,
Until the feeling becomes real.


The gift is priceless
To know I can walk away
That I’m not bound
And needs can be met
In other ways
I can’t ever repay
The gift I’ve received
My thanks I can’t express
In any way
That really captures
The depth of
My gratitude


When I am done,
And can take no more,
That’s when you come
And my love restore.
You tell me things
I so want to hear,
Your body brings
An end to my fear.
You hold me tight,
In arms warm and strong.
“All will be right,
Nothing will go wrong”
I hear you say,
In a whispered voice,
But clear as day.
And I have no choice
But to continue on.

What Happened?

What happened to the lover of life,
The go-getter, the joy-maker?
What happened to finding wonder
In the smallest, most trivial things?
What happened to the Goddess,
The confident, independent woman?
What happened to que sera,
Whatever will be, detachment?
What happened to me?

Burn Me

Let the fires of Hell rain down
And consume me if they must
But don’t make me leave this town
The only home I trust
A place of love and freedom
Despite the words I write
I can’t imagine leaving
Though I try with all my might
The gypsy blood’s retired
Well that’s just how it seems
Something that’d never transpired
Even in my wildest dreams
But my feet are growing roots
Deformed and stunted though they be
And I don’t give two hoots
Because here I can be me
I can love and laugh and play
Explore the world and inner self
Getting more settled every day
Than I have anywhere else
So let those Hell fires burn me
I don’t really care
To uproot for another journey
Completely fills me with despair