Feeling vs Being

Just because I feel sad, doesn’t mean I have to be sad. Just because I feel love doesn’t mean I have to be attached. Just because I feel lonely doesn’t necessarily mean I am – I am enough, just me. This is something I know, but always seem to forget when I focus too much on how I feel.


Adjusting to the new normal,
Takes a little time.
Replacing what was,
With what is,
Messed around by the mind.
Interpreting behaviour,
On clear and current fact,
Instead of past
So the self
Remains intact.


Oh, the joys of being mentally ill!
Having a mind that can’t be tamed,
No matter how hard you try.
From being on top of the world,
To being able to do nothing but cry.
Anxiety, insecurity, depression,
And the rest,
Can make life a living hell,
But can also make it blessed.


Sweaty palms.
Racing heart.
Desperate for calm,
But falling apart.
Tears run free.
Tense muscles shake.
Fighting to breathe.
Wanting to escape.
From fears not real,
But all in the head.
Then why does it feel,
My chest’s made of lead?