If You’re Gone

As I said, I really didn’t want
Our last memories to be so awful
Although, perhaps they are
Only gut-wrenching for me?
I’ve wondered this many times
Since your tone of contempt and hate
And now this song brings
It all back, clear as day,
So I need to say,
“If you’re gone…
Perhaps you should
Just stay gone
Because now I’ve
Had a break from the lies
I’m becoming me
Once more.”

Memory Lane

I thought of you today
I wondered where you are
I remembered the games we played
I recalled seeing you from afar
Are you still alive?
Did your dreams come true?
Did your heart survive
All that life has brought to you?
The depths of dark brown eyes
Have often filled my dreams
Would there have been as many lies
If the impossible could have been?
Of course I will never know
The events of all these years
But from my eyes now flow
A stream of nostalgic tears

Wandering Mind

Two hours sleep, but now wide awake
And I have to be on the road
In three hours time

Not a nightmare, but a dream just as vivid
Played on the screen in my mind
Leaving me breathless

Sitting here now, my mind wanders round
The memories of recent times
Leading me to you

A deep, dark, mystery, never to be understood
And I think I have given up
Trying anyway

My gratitude can never be expressed in words
Nor the pain with any reason
And as for emotions…

It is what it is, and will be whatever it will
There’s certainly no controlling
The content or direction

The Universe brought us together with force
Hopefully for some kind of reason
Yet to be revealed

I have so much I want to share with you
On every level imaginable
Before our time is up

My restless mind is starting to wander again
With any luck this time it will be
In the direction of sleep


I think it’s time to admit
The nightmares have returned
After thinking they had quit
And their mem’ry I could burn
The assault of three this week
Has come as quite a shock
My body’s feeling weak
And I wish that I could block
The visions from my mind.

Perhaps they have arisen
From taking a darker path
That’s released them from their prison
To help reveal the aftermath
Of the feelings and emotions
Buried deep until last week
By the physical commotions
That have given me a peek
At your legacy left in me