Erase Me

The unintentional seed of doubt
Planted by another has been
Nurtured into a parasitic vine
That has suffocated all sense
Of love, beauty and passion
Please turn and leave now
Stop engaging and interacting
Send no more messages
Forget I exist
Erase me


Feeling disconnected
Mind separate from the body
The reasons could be many
But I don’t want to know
I don’t want to feel or think
Sometimes I don’t want to grow
But hide under a rock somewhere
In the dark and peaceful quiet
Forget the world exists
Stop the inner riot
The past and present blend together
In some strange and muddled collage
And I can’t make sense of anything
It’s like a weird mirage
The more I try to examine things
They disappear and move
Further in the distance
Becoming more intangible

Wish You Were Here

I wish you were here so we could talk
So I could hear your voice
And ask your advice
I miss you so much sometimes
And wish life had been different
To the hellish mess it has been
I no longer care about the hows or whys
Of what happened
It is what it is
But fuck I wish you were here
To help clean up this mess you made
Because I get so lost and lonely

Seeking Answers

Humming machinery
A television
Sounds of the night
Interrupting the silence
The night would hold
As I sit in this place
And wonder about how
It will all unfold
I hate the insecurity
The anxiety
The fear
It eats away slowly
At my insides
I bargain with God
But feel he has long
Given up on me
And my demands
What is it I’m meant to do?
What’s the purpose
Of all this chaos?
Will I be okay?
How do I get through?
Funny, the only thing
I’m not thinking about
Tonight, is you

A Year Ago

A year ago, I was happy.
A year ago, I was me.
A year ago, I was free.
A year ago, I was confident.
A year ago, I was resilient.
A year ago, I felt cognizant.
A year ago, I was enthusiastic.
A year ago, my mind wasn’t so spastic.
A year ago, I didn’t feel plastic.
A year ago, I felt I had potential.
A year ago, anything seemed possible.
What the hell happened?