Three days
Five years
Yet another turning point
Everything seems to hinge
On this date once more
There is a sense of adventure
This time around however
Anticipation is increasing
At what Friday may bring

Face Down

Sitting on the edge of a cliff
Wondering if I should jump
But Billy’s singing “My Life”
And I want to hear that song
The ocean below’s blue and deep
Waves crash with a passion
I wish I truly felt
Goose bumps respond to the chill
As the sun hides its face
In the greyness above
For now I will sit and think
And maybe write a while
Face down the temptation
To escape into oblivion
And be free of all this Hell

What Happened?

What happened to the lover of life,
The go-getter, the joy-maker?
What happened to finding wonder
In the smallest, most trivial things?
What happened to the Goddess,
The confident, independent woman?
What happened to que sera,
Whatever will be, detachment?
What happened to me?


This isn’t how it was meant to be
It’s not the way we planned
The vision we had of you and me
Erased, like the tide washes sand
We thought we would build a life
On friendship and on love
But we’ve had all sorts of strife
To try and rise above
For a while it seemed we would succeed
That all would make us stronger
But now it seems we must concede
The strength we had’s no longer
There is still some time of course
For things to change and grow
But my heart fills with remorse
For the things you think you know
The hands of time I guess will tell
If all these forces overcome us
But for now I wish you well
And make you this one promise
No matter where our lives may lead
Together or apart
You will always be with me
In the centre of my heart