I can’t guarantee I won’t run
If things ever seem more than fun
I ask for patience, that is all
And not to judge me when I fall
I want to give all I’ve got
Just not sure if it’s worth a shot
If I don’t know exactly where you stand
On things I know we hadn’t planned
There I’ve said it for all to see
Another part of crazy me
Few can handle such a messy head
But I’m hoping the signs are not misread
I’d really like to see where this goes
But you’ll have to keep me on my toes
I’m hoping all’s not done and dusted
Just because my mind is busted


There is an ethereal beauty about her
So plain, and yet magnetically attractive
She holds some sort of healing remedy
That others can’t resist dipping into
Thanklessly, and without gratitude
To fulfil their personal needs and desires
Yet she continues to give graciously
Holding onto the hope that one day
She will not just be admired and desired
But honoured, respected, protected and loved


The difference is I never
Intentionally deceived
Or influenced whether
Or not you perceived
Me in a way I wanted

You deliberately lied
And created a perception
Of you that belied
The complex deception
Of being something you aren’t

I could have lived with it really
If you’d confessed the truth
When I discovered the duality
But you continued to prove
You could not be trusted

Pieces of truth have emerged
Over time, and many versions
Of reality have blended and blurred
Into convoluted dispersions
Of whatever might be real

So the pain you felt yesterday
I assume is fake at best
Because we both know we play
With different toys in a quest
To divorce from each other

But I will never know for sure
Until we sit together and bare
Ourselves and our souls and pour
The truth out and openly share
How to proceed from here


Holy snappin’ duckshit!,
As the saying goes,
You have got me tinglin’
From my head right to my toes.
I was praying for a miracle,
An end to this dark Spell,
Or a sign from an Oracle,
Somethin’ clear as a bell.
The Universe sent me you,
I know I shouldn’ta laughed,
But I didn’t have a clue
That you’d be like a draught
Of drain cleaner through this mind.
You’ve altered my perception,
And the answers I might find
Away from the deception,
Became so clear to me tonight.
I thought it was impossible,
But you’ve shown me it might
Not be so impossible
After all.