Final Thanks

I’ve been dreading this day for weeks,
But now that it’s arrived,
I find anxiety’s not at a peak,
And so far I have survived.
Although the day has barely started,
And who knows what is in store.
By the end we will have parted,
And I won’t see you any more.
I’m not completely devastated,
As I was expecting I would be.
All the things I contemplated,
I now hope to never see.
The future’s looking rosy,
No matter what it brings,
For even if it’s crazy,
I know my heart still sings.
So, here’s my final thank you,
For everything that’s done.
For teaching me to be true,
And for all the joy and fun.
For all the pain and heartache,
The emotions and the tears,
For leaving me more awake,
And learning about my fears.
May all good things come your way,
As we move forward from here.
And the final thing I have to say,
Is, oh my goodness, what a year!

Burn Me

Let the fires of Hell rain down
And consume me if they must
But don’t make me leave this town
The only home I trust
A place of love and freedom
Despite the words I write
I can’t imagine leaving
Though I try with all my might
The gypsy blood’s retired
Well that’s just how it seems
Something that’d never transpired
Even in my wildest dreams
But my feet are growing roots
Deformed and stunted though they be
And I don’t give two hoots
Because here I can be me
I can love and laugh and play
Explore the world and inner self
Getting more settled every day
Than I have anywhere else
So let those Hell fires burn me
I don’t really care
To uproot for another journey
Completely fills me with despair

Still Here

I wish I could love you
Like I did before
But I just can’t take
The lies no more
Even your throat
Or so it would seem
Finds it must choke
On the tales you dream
But I am still here
For a while at least
So if you face your fear
And want to make peace
You have the power
To bring that to be


Red hot, fiery colours consume me
Flames of orange, tinged with blue
The scorching white heat is yet to come
This I know
But I’m hoping to have lost consciousness by then
So the return to ashes can then be complete

Too Much Pain

A heart is not made to withstand this much pain
There’s a red hot knife slicing through me
Its far too much to bear.
Fiery tears burn my cheeks as they fall molten from my eyes
The reserves are empty, I’m completely drained
I can hear you snoring, so near yet so far
A physical touch is shunned, yet once so desired
Where’s the switch so I can also move to ‘off’?
Time, already short, has been eaten into
By arguments, dishonesty and lies
And for what? So you can watch the tears in my eyes?