In Training

Maybe you broke me
Made me fully compliant
Achieved what no one else has
But this hasn’t destroyed me
It’s prepared me for what comes next
What an amazing training ground
Our rollercoaster ride has been
I will be forever grateful

Forever Grateful

I want to express my gratitude,
To pour out my heart and soul
And sincerely thank you.
I know I have told you before,
But every day I am learning
I will be grateful forever more,
Because you unleashed me.
You gave me confidence.
You taught me to love my body.
And that is just the start.
You made me more aware of
The conflict of head and heart.
You taught me to be patient,
To trust what is in the here and now,
And not assume bad intent.
I will never be able to list
All of the incredibly amazing
Experiences and gifts
You have given me,
But my dearest wish
Is for you to be happy
And know that you have changed
My life for the better, even though
We’ve been through so much pain.


Thank you for reminding me
Just where my strength was born
You’ve come along and set me free
But my power hadn’t really gone
It was on hiatus, I can see that now
It’s an indescribable feeling
No words capture it, but wow!
How damn empowering
To be feeling this today
When the puppeteer is trying
To manipulate and play
But let him try his hardest
To break me through and through
Because his worst is no contest
For the gift that’s come from you
I don’t know where you’ve come from
Or if you’ll even stay
But thank you for the freedom
You’ve given me today


The gift is priceless
To know I can walk away
That I’m not bound
And needs can be met
In other ways
I can’t ever repay
The gift I’ve received
My thanks I can’t express
In any way
That really captures
The depth of
My gratitude

Wandering Mind

Two hours sleep, but now wide awake
And I have to be on the road
In three hours time

Not a nightmare, but a dream just as vivid
Played on the screen in my mind
Leaving me breathless

Sitting here now, my mind wanders round
The memories of recent times
Leading me to you

A deep, dark, mystery, never to be understood
And I think I have given up
Trying anyway

My gratitude can never be expressed in words
Nor the pain with any reason
And as for emotions…

It is what it is, and will be whatever it will
There’s certainly no controlling
The content or direction

The Universe brought us together with force
Hopefully for some kind of reason
Yet to be revealed

I have so much I want to share with you
On every level imaginable
Before our time is up

My restless mind is starting to wander again
With any luck this time it will be
In the direction of sleep


I wonder if you will
Ever come to understand
How much you have given me?
Your gifts have been
Inadvertent, I know,
Given without your knowledge,
But that does not lessen
The degree to which
I treasure them.
I can’t imagine
Finding anyone else
Who could awaken me
In the way you have.
Your love, once again,
Given subconsciously,
Has been a lifeline,
And the thought
Of living without it
Hurts my heart
Far more than
I would like to admit.
There is no way
I can repay you.
All I can do
Is love you
With everything I have
And wish you
All the joy in the world.