Your words make me so happy
It seems we are both becoming free
Strange forces are once more
In motion, opening door after door
So many choices could be made
And as for my latest escapade
I’m sure it will appear in writing
But for now I am delighting
In the sense of adventure
Embracing and relishing the pleasure
Of being myself

The Phunny One

You send good morning
And good night texts.
You lend me your shoulder
For my head to rest,
When life is way too hard.
You cheer me up
When I’m feeling down.
You make me laugh
By being a clown.
You philosophise,
And wonder why.
You do all these things
And so much more,
Your friendship
Is something I adore.
Thank you for being you
And accepting me,
Just as I am.
You, my friend,
Have a lifelong fan.


This isn’t how it was meant to be
It’s not the way we planned
The vision we had of you and me
Erased, like the tide washes sand
We thought we would build a life
On friendship and on love
But we’ve had all sorts of strife
To try and rise above
For a while it seemed we would succeed
That all would make us stronger
But now it seems we must concede
The strength we had’s no longer
There is still some time of course
For things to change and grow
But my heart fills with remorse
For the things you think you know
The hands of time I guess will tell
If all these forces overcome us
But for now I wish you well
And make you this one promise
No matter where our lives may lead
Together or apart
You will always be with me
In the centre of my heart


Thinking of you in the early hours
Of the morning
Remind me of when you first
Would call me
And your texts would keep
Me company
When insomnia killed sleep
I want to text you now
And tell you that I love you
But I know the time has past
For such expression
Even though it’s true
I’m trying to find equilibrium
A balanced state of being
But visions of you in my mind
Is all that I am seeing