It’s no wonder you are tired
The amount of consideration
For every action
Every thought
Every emotion
Drains you of energy
And as beautiful as
The process is to watch
I can’t help but wonder
What you would achieve
If your energy was
Consumed in other ways


Something exquisitely beautiful
Effortless and free
Who would have thought
It could happen to me
You’ve broken the bond
Released me from chains
You’ve taken me higher
Than I dreamed to obtain
We’ve melded as one
And united our pain
Life will never again
Be the same


My messy head
Is spreading to my heart
But I really don’t want
Any feelings to start
Because it won’t be long
And before I know it
You will be gone
All the emotions hit
Just moments ago
Now I’m losing control
Of my mind and so
I want to quit while on a roll

I Am Enough

No one has ever just listened.
It’s still blowing my mind.
No advice, no question,
No making me feel less,
Or crazy, or mad.
You just listened to me vent,
Let me feel what I felt, and
Accepted me as I am.
How can “thank you”
Ever be enough to capture
And express my gratitude?
I truly felt I am me, and
I am enough.
No one other than myself
Has ever made me feel that way.
Even now I am struggling
To find the words to convey
Just how much that means to me.

Long Night

Thank you for being there
Through a sleepless night
Thank you for making me feel
That I am all right
Thank for not judging me
Or questioning my feelings
Thank you for letting me be
And not sending me reeling
Thank you, just thank you
For allowing me to be me
And for you being you

Left Behind

I haven’t heard from you in quite a while,
And I am really okay with that.
I’m not sure what I would say,
Even if you did contact me.
Things have changed,
In such a very short time.
But isn’t that the way of change?
When we remove the obstacles,
The limitations and restrictions
Of preconceived ideas, and
Negative thinking,
And open ourselves
To the infinite possibilities
Of the Universe, amazing things happen.
So, I’m sorry if you’ve been left behind,
Because I’ve barely kept up myself,
And it’s highly likely I am no longer
The person you once knew.
Regardless of whether we ever reconnect,
Your part in my journey is truly valued,
And will never be forgotten.