Who Would I Be?

What would I do,
And who would I be,
If there were no ‘shoulds’
Or ‘should nots’?
Would there still be such
Conflict in my mind if these
Limitations did not exist?
What would it mean to be ‘me’
If there were no ingrained
Social control mechanisms?
In what ways would life be different?
Or would it be just the same?


Your words make me so happy
It seems we are both becoming free
Strange forces are once more
In motion, opening door after door
So many choices could be made
And as for my latest escapade
I’m sure it will appear in writing
But for now I am delighting
In the sense of adventure
Embracing and relishing the pleasure
Of being myself

Walk With Me

Fill me with your passion
With your longing and desire
Live out your fantasies with me
Take me to heights never dreamed
Experiences never imagined
Walk with me to the dark side
And release your inhibitions
Together our souls can heal
And rejoice in the discovery
Of the magic we create


When the rubber hits the gravel
The urge is always strong
To push down on the pedal
And simply speed along
If the slip and sliding starts
Then that is all the better
For freedom rises in the heart
And the mind it feels unfettered


Thank you for reminding me
Just where my strength was born
You’ve come along and set me free
But my power hadn’t really gone
It was on hiatus, I can see that now
It’s an indescribable feeling
No words capture it, but wow!
How damn empowering
To be feeling this today
When the puppeteer is trying
To manipulate and play
But let him try his hardest
To break me through and through
Because his worst is no contest
For the gift that’s come from you
I don’t know where you’ve come from
Or if you’ll even stay
But thank you for the freedom
You’ve given me today

Lover’s Lane

We aren’t the only ones
Who meet at Lover’s Lane
For a few stolen
Moments of bliss
She had already arrived
Before I had left
Because I stayed this
Morning to savour
How I’d been blessed
By the feel of your arms
And the taste of your lips
He pulled in as I pulled out
And the smile on his face
Left me in no doubt
They too, were like us
Carried away by
The strangest love
No one else can understand
I’m glad we were done
So they could
Have their fun
All of us blessed
By the rising sun
And the gift of Lover’s Lane