I can’t guarantee I won’t run
If things ever seem more than fun
I ask for patience, that is all
And not to judge me when I fall
I want to give all I’ve got
Just not sure if it’s worth a shot
If I don’t know exactly where you stand
On things I know we hadn’t planned
There I’ve said it for all to see
Another part of crazy me
Few can handle such a messy head
But I’m hoping the signs are not misread
I’d really like to see where this goes
But you’ll have to keep me on my toes
I’m hoping all’s not done and dusted
Just because my mind is busted

Smooth Sailing

I woke up yesterday
Knowing there would be change
I woke again today
Feeling completely strange
Fears quelled and heart happy
As though I’ve emerged
From a dark cocoon
Leaving dangers submerged
And sailing into calmer waters

Funny Bone

I don’t think I made anyone laugh before
I’d always felt scared and very unsure
About how to tell a joke in a funny way
So it’s quite a change to see me today
Because jokes are now second nature
And I won’t be holding back in future