Internal Conflict

I spend more time in my head
Than I do in the land of the living
Or so it seems from what I’ve read
And the emotions it’s been giving
If I didn’t need the motivation
I wonder if I would really need
Anything other than my creation
And perhaps a little weed
But as tempting as it is
The real world feeds the words
That create my ideal bliss
So I must not only turn inwards

Legacy Strikes Again

The Legacy will never free it’s hold
Depths of pain continue to unfold
Doubt and insecurity rule
Always saying I am a fool
Yet within there’s so much love
Praying for help from above
I just don’t think I’m going to make it
Don’t have the energy to even fake it
It’s days like this oblivion’s calling
And all because I felt myself falling
How stupid I was to even consider
You’d be the one to finally deliver
The freedom I desperately crave
But emptiness is crashing like a wave
And I’m thinking I’ve seen better days
Starting to list all of the ways
To escape this fucked up spiral
Of never-ending love denial
And find peace at last

Walk With Me

Fill me with your passion
With your longing and desire
Live out your fantasies with me
Take me to heights never dreamed
Experiences never imagined
Walk with me to the dark side
And release your inhibitions
Together our souls can heal
And rejoice in the discovery
Of the magic we create


I’ve been locked in a cage
That has no bars of steel
But instead was a fantasy
Never something real
I was caged all the same
Boxed and confined within
An imaginary cell
But what kept me therein?
Then something flicked the switch
Someone brought along the key
That erased the imagination
And finally set me free
I don’t know how I got there
How did it all start?
Why did I cage myself
And devastate my heart?
I may never know the reasons why
Or how the cage came to be
But I certainly know now
What it feels to be free
So I’m never going back
To that imaginary box
And now I’d like to hasten
The slowing of the clock