Round Six – Part 1

Does it count
If a third party
Takes Round 6?
I feel a little
Deprived of our right
To battle this out
To the end with
All our might
An interloper
Lashed out with
A near perfect
Right hook
Almost achieving
A knockout
But I’m still standing
On legs of jelly
Still breathing
Burning gasps
Still conscious
Although barely
And I can’t concede
This Round just yet


The difference is I never
Intentionally deceived
Or influenced whether
Or not you perceived
Me in a way I wanted

You deliberately lied
And created a perception
Of you that belied
The complex deception
Of being something you aren’t

I could have lived with it really
If you’d confessed the truth
When I discovered the duality
But you continued to prove
You could not be trusted

Pieces of truth have emerged
Over time, and many versions
Of reality have blended and blurred
Into convoluted dispersions
Of whatever might be real

So the pain you felt yesterday
I assume is fake at best
Because we both know we play
With different toys in a quest
To divorce from each other

But I will never know for sure
Until we sit together and bare
Ourselves and our souls and pour
The truth out and openly share
How to proceed from here

Still Here

I wish I could love you
Like I did before
But I just can’t take
The lies no more
Even your throat
Or so it would seem
Finds it must choke
On the tales you dream
But I am still here
For a while at least
So if you face your fear
And want to make peace
You have the power
To bring that to be

Too Much Pain

A heart is not made to withstand this much pain
There’s a red hot knife slicing through me
Its far too much to bear.
Fiery tears burn my cheeks as they fall molten from my eyes
The reserves are empty, I’m completely drained
I can hear you snoring, so near yet so far
A physical touch is shunned, yet once so desired
Where’s the switch so I can also move to ‘off’?
Time, already short, has been eaten into
By arguments, dishonesty and lies
And for what? So you can watch the tears in my eyes?