Are You Psychic?

How did you know,
When I never said,
And you never asked?
But you delivered
What I have been
Seeking for so long.
Your intuition has left me
Completely bamboozled.
I asked the Universe
For effortless, and wow,
I am receiving it in spades!
It makes a nice change
From lies and deception,
From hollow words and
Broken promises.
I would wish to keep you,
But it’s not right to tame
Something so free.
All I can do is thank you,
And hope you continue
To guide me a little longer.

Forever Grateful

I want to express my gratitude,
To pour out my heart and soul
And sincerely thank you.
I know I have told you before,
But every day I am learning
I will be grateful forever more,
Because you unleashed me.
You gave me confidence.
You taught me to love my body.
And that is just the start.
You made me more aware of
The conflict of head and heart.
You taught me to be patient,
To trust what is in the here and now,
And not assume bad intent.
I will never be able to list
All of the incredibly amazing
Experiences and gifts
You have given me,
But my dearest wish
Is for you to be happy
And know that you have changed
My life for the better, even though
We’ve been through so much pain.

Walk With Me

Fill me with your passion
With your longing and desire
Live out your fantasies with me
Take me to heights never dreamed
Experiences never imagined
Walk with me to the dark side
And release your inhibitions
Together our souls can heal
And rejoice in the discovery
Of the magic we create


Oh boy! What trouble I’m in
Just the thought has me in a spin
I want to hold on so tight
And give with all my might
But something’s holding me back

I don’t want to go where I’ve just been
And nor do you from what I’ve seen
So for now I guess we wait
And call each other mate
Until the dust settles at least

Both deep and dark and convoluted
Both carrying scars and persecuted
Our bodies say what we’re unable
All emotions set on the table
But words are never spoken

And that suits me fine to hear no words
After all the lies and crap I’ve heard
Yet part of me has come alive
Has somehow managed to survive
And wants to bask in adoration

I feel your pain as I do my own
And you feel mine so says your tone
But what do we do from here?
I’m not used to one so sincere
Or so trusting with their heart

Perhaps it’s that which holds me back
From drowning in your aphrodisiac
Maybe I’m scared of my power
To hurt and completely devour
You with my intensity

But then I remember we are the same
To neither of us is this a game
But we would never say so
Always keeping our feelings below
The point of no return

You make me wonder if what I see
Is what others encounter when looking at me
It’s like you hold up a mirror
Each time you come a little nearer
And my heart hurts for both of us

Time will tell or so they say
And after seeing you today
I wish time would hurry up and share
The story of how, when and where
We will both be free to love again