Each day is another step back
No hope now to get on track
I’m not sure there is anything left
And if I think too much I feel bereft
But I know it’s all meant to be
Eventually we will have phase three
For the here and now though
It’s time to turn and go
In separate directions

Face Down

Sitting on the edge of a cliff
Wondering if I should jump
But Billy’s singing “My Life”
And I want to hear that song
The ocean below’s blue and deep
Waves crash with a passion
I wish I truly felt
Goose bumps respond to the chill
As the sun hides its face
In the greyness above
For now I will sit and think
And maybe write a while
Face down the temptation
To escape into oblivion
And be free of all this Hell


I’ll never forget that night
Lining up for the bus
Seeing a missed call
Retrieving the voicemail
Something was wrong
Never dreamed what
It would be
Returned the call
And my heart froze
All I could think was
“She didn’t know
That I loved her!”
Just one more week
And all you would know
But it wasn’t to be
I admire your strength
Your composure
Your dignity
I wish I had received
More of your genes
Perhaps I wouldn’t be
In this right royal mess
I wish you were here
To guide me along
Because I’m so weak
And you always so strong
I’m sorry I fell
Victim to the factions
But that’s just how
He brought me up
I don’t say it enough
But for you my heart
Was full of love


Red hot, fiery colours consume me
Flames of orange, tinged with blue
The scorching white heat is yet to come
This I know
But I’m hoping to have lost consciousness by then
So the return to ashes can then be complete