When I am in your arms,
I want to stay there forever!
When I haven’t seen you for a while,
With no reply to my texting endeavours,
I want to push you away and leave.
But when the push comes from you,
I am completely lost, and
Unsure what to do.


What is there besides the heart and head?
Because it seems there is a third party
Desperately trying to cause some trouble.
If the heart is happy, and the head as well,
Why is there a constant self-sabotage
Of the very conditions of that happiness?

Get Out!

Will you please get out of my head!?
Is it not enough you are in my heart?
I need some peace and rest,
As there’s been none from the start.
I think of nothing else all day,
To the point it’s now annoying.
And these mind games you play!
With my emotions you are toying.
Oh, how I long for the peaceful bliss,
Of an empty heart and mind,
But I know I’ll also miss,
This love that keeps me blind.

Head vs Heart

And just like that, the heart dissolves,
Anything that the head resolves.
The internal battle, is won for now,
But the war continues on, and how!
This peaceful moment, I will savour,
Before it vanishes, like a vapour.
All the senses, I will treasure,
Along with memories of the pleasure,
Before the new dawn breaks the spell,
And throws me right back into Hell.