I can’t guarantee I won’t run
If things ever seem more than fun
I ask for patience, that is all
And not to judge me when I fall
I want to give all I’ve got
Just not sure if it’s worth a shot
If I don’t know exactly where you stand
On things I know we hadn’t planned
There I’ve said it for all to see
Another part of crazy me
Few can handle such a messy head
But I’m hoping the signs are not misread
I’d really like to see where this goes
But you’ll have to keep me on my toes
I’m hoping all’s not done and dusted
Just because my mind is busted


Charlie came looking
For Barry today
So we had a little chat
Charlie said Barry
Had been mean by
Saying he was fat
I looked ol’ Charlie
Up and down
And had a little smile
For I agreed with Barry
Although I couldn’t say
Charlie’d been fat for while
Instead I said to Charlie
“Of course you’re not fat –
You’re just a fluffy cat.”

I Already Knew

You visited me in a dream
To show me how much
Like you he is
Something I already knew
And didn’t need for
You to tell me
You could have said something else
Why it was to be
Or how it ends
But, you tell me what I knew
What am I supposed
To do with that


Thinking of you in the early hours
Of the morning
Remind me of when you first
Would call me
And your texts would keep
Me company
When insomnia killed sleep
I want to text you now
And tell you that I love you
But I know the time has past
For such expression
Even though it’s true
I’m trying to find equilibrium
A balanced state of being
But visions of you in my mind
Is all that I am seeing