I don’t want to sound bitter
Or twisted
Or ungrateful
But fuck!!
Is my trauma any less?
Is my pain not as hurtful?
Is my loss of childhood worth nothing,
While yours is worth a hundred grand?
Seriously, I don’t understand!


Anger sets my veins on fire,
Like I never thought it could.
Fury overrides desire,
I’m sure this can’t be good.
Liquid lava scorches,
As my emotions you shunt.
I’ve heard from many sources,
And you, Sir, are a c*nt!

Strengthen Me

Kick me when I’m down!
Go ahead,
Do your best
To destroy all that I am!
What you don’t know,
But probably should,
Is the worst
Has already been inflicted,
And I have risen,
Like the Phoenix from the ashes,
More times than
I care to remember.
So, bring it on!
Challenge me!
Fire the forge once more,
To make me
Even stronger than I am!


A full assault and battery,
On the emotions of the heart.
And a bed of lies, not flattery,
Is tearing us apart.
Wild stories all around us,
None of them are true.
Pure hearts both now full of pus,
But why? We haven’t a clue.
Can this be turned around,
So we can go back to happy?
Or is only anger to be found,
Us both irritable and snappy?

Still Life

The urge to take this emotional pain,
And transform it into something real,
Something physical, is strong.
To run until the lungs might burst,
Or cut and watch it bleed.
To go that one step further though,
Is never out of reach.
But you won’t bring me to that point,
It’s not that bad I swear.
I know myself too well you see,
There’s too much life left in me yet.


When a sandy beach can’t calm the soul

And the stars are dull in Heaven

When emotions are raging out of control

And anger is fury driven

Perhaps the solace you seek is deep within

Beyond the realms of the conscious mind

An internal journey that you must begin

To discover the answers you’re hoping to find


So many questions.
Too many whys.
Not enough answers.
Buried by lies.
You say that you love me.
I know it’s not true.
Confused by my feelings.
Why do I love you?