Round Six – Part 1

Does it count
If a third party
Takes Round 6?
I feel a little
Deprived of our right
To battle this out
To the end with
All our might
An interloper
Lashed out with
A near perfect
Right hook
Almost achieving
A knockout
But I’m still standing
On legs of jelly
Still breathing
Burning gasps
Still conscious
Although barely
And I can’t concede
This Round just yet

As It Is

It does not matter
What I think or feel
And the internal chatter
Makes nothing real
Regardless of what
Hopes and dreams
My mind might plot
Nothing is as it seems
It is what it is
And will be as it will be
When I realise this
Is when I can be free

We Are The Same

“You never judge me.”

And why would I? You are me.”

“What do you mean?”

We are parts of the same one. You are me, and I am you. Like two containers of sand mixed together – once mixed, you can’t tell them apart.”

“Kind of like a drop of food colouring in a glass of water? Once stirred you can’t separate them?”


I Am Enough

No one has ever just listened.
It’s still blowing my mind.
No advice, no question,
No making me feel less,
Or crazy, or mad.
You just listened to me vent,
Let me feel what I felt, and
Accepted me as I am.
How can “thank you”
Ever be enough to capture
And express my gratitude?
I truly felt I am me, and
I am enough.
No one other than myself
Has ever made me feel that way.
Even now I am struggling
To find the words to convey
Just how much that means to me.

Long Night

Thank you for being there
Through a sleepless night
Thank you for making me feel
That I am all right
Thank for not judging me
Or questioning my feelings
Thank you for letting me be
And not sending me reeling
Thank you, just thank you
For allowing me to be me
And for you being you