Walk With Me

Fill me with your passion
With your longing and desire
Live out your fantasies with me
Take me to heights never dreamed
Experiences never imagined
Walk with me to the dark side
And release your inhibitions
Together our souls can heal
And rejoice in the discovery
Of the magic we create


A young girl sits next to me
Not a girl you can see
But she is there all the same
And I know she shares my name
She tells me she’s sad, lonely and scared
That’s definitely sentiments I share
She tells me she didn’t fight to survive
So I could drown in my sorrow and cry
She fought for a future, an adventure, a life
She always knew she’d never be a wife
So she asks me why I am wasting my chance
To adventure, explore, to love and to dance
And as I turn and look into her blue eyes
I find I’m also asking myself why


I knew I’d lost my happy,
But didn’t realise
Just how low I’d become.
For the first time in weeks
I smiled today – really smiled –
And remembered life is fun.
I remembered who I am,
What I’m all about,
Why I always used to run.
But the gypsy blood is dormant,
I no longer crave escape,
My roaming days are done?
Instead I want to settle,
For at least a little while,
To stabilise, consolidate,
And heal the damaged one.


I don’t know what the rules are anymore.
They seem to have changed.
It seems, thinking that I knew the score,
Was quite possibly deranged.

And so, I keep fucking things up,
Making all kinds of errors and
Assumptions based on the past.
I really don’t understand!

Strengthen Me

Kick me when I’m down!
Go ahead,
Do your best
To destroy all that I am!
What you don’t know,
But probably should,
Is the worst
Has already been inflicted,
And I have risen,
Like the Phoenix from the ashes,
More times than
I care to remember.
So, bring it on!
Challenge me!
Fire the forge once more,
To make me
Even stronger than I am!