Tell me not of your past
Don’t talk about your future
Share with me only your present
Allow me the Honour of now
Give me the gift of this moment
For no matter what has been
Or what is to come
This moment is all that matters


7 thoughts on “Now

  1. You know – some of the things you write would not be out of place on the front of t-shirts (or even on the back if it comes to that). They are profound statements on life. This one is no exception (but it is exceptional all the same – geddit?) 🙂

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      • It’s not something I have considered – but now you have put the thought in my head, I’m not sure I am consistent or disciplined enough, although that might just be my automatic limiting function kicking in, so I will think on it some more 😊

        Robert, I get the impression you could do anything you put your mind to 😉

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      • Excellent! I hope your new career takes off. As soon as you decide it can happen. 🙂
        And yes – I suppose I could do anything. I certainly set my bar too low. I am a low achiever compared to my potential. That makes me sound big-headed, but it’s actually the complete opposite – it comes from shame.

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    • Now that I’ve read it, that one reminds me of the type of things my grandmother would hang on the back of the toilet door – kind of like a daily affirmation before affirmations were a thing

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