So many words, but none I want to share
Due to wonder and enjoyment, not despair
I don’t want to break this magic spell
Or interfere with this sense of being well
For a little while longer at least
I want to make the most of this peace


6 thoughts on “Respite

  1. I get the sense that these poems are highly personal (and somewhat emotional). I have difficulty sharing stuff on my blog that’s too intimate (emotionally personal) – how do you get over this? Any tips?
    Kindness – Robert.
    (love the irony in this piece by the way. I read it as ‘I’m not going to share the words I’m sharing … oh go on then!’)

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    • Yes, they all come from an emotional place, but aren’t necessarily verbatim of what is happening for me personally. I used to mainly write short stories and ‘thoughts’ type posts on an earlier blog I had, but I find poetry a much easier format to ‘purge’ emotional irritations – sometimes I visualise it a bit like a cat with a hairball – something connects somewhere and tickles and irritates my insides until I cough it up. Poetry allows readers the freedom of their own interpretation, I don’t need to work so hard to ensure I’m getting my message across – I know what the words mean to me, but everyone else is welcome to let them fit their own perspective of life in whatever way works for them.

      I love that you saw the irony 😊 The pieces about words, specifically the lack of words, or words being stuck, usually appear when I am feeling like I am blocked and need to get the words to flow past my inner censor – a bit like tricking my brain by acknowledging part of me doesn’t want to express in words, but too bad because I am going to anyway πŸ˜‰

      I havent read all of your blog, and I haven’t had time to really sit with your words, but I think the work of all writers includes some ’emotional leakage’ at times without our awareness – sometimes words have a wonderful way of sneaking past our inner censor and capturing things we don’t always mean to express. You definitely have a way with words ❀


      • You seem to be really aware of your inner processes. I admire that in you. Yes – I see some emotions leaking into my writings, more so on pieces I wrote prior to this blog where I really tried to work through some stuff. I tend to be too funny, often unintentionally, to allow my serious side to emerge.
        I’d love to know how to use poetry to get through to myself and maybe break into my unconscious parts.

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      • Hahaha awareness is an ongoing process lol, but thank you 😊

        I would like to be able to express humour as well as you do, so perhaps there are things we can learn from each other ❀

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      • We can stuff ourselves with each other’s food (writing) until we are giddy with excitement. Perhaps we’ll learn something on the way, perhaps not – but just think of the fun we’ll have on the journey! πŸ˜€

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