Love And Hate

The welts will heal,
Of this I’m sure
But our love making
Has once more
Opened the portal
Between then and now
A major flashback
Cock in mouth
Slapped by the belt
I remembered exactly
How it felt
I wanted to stop
And end it there
But a deeper desire
To understand appeared
So I continued on
Until you opened a wound
Both real and imagined
And allowed me to
Delve into times gone by
But it wasn’t until
The belting stopped
And you rolled me over
And climbed on top
That the truth became so clear
Because regardless of
The beltings he gave
And how I hated him dear
As soon as ever he climbed on top
The anger would disappear


I never thought of you much
At the very start
But somehow or other
You’ve burrowed in my heart
And sit there as a tingling itch
I can’t reach to scratch
So you’re constantly on my mind

Round Five

It would appear I need to concede Round 5
Although not that long ago it would
Have technically been a win to me
But now it’s happened I can’t help
But think about all we’ve been through.
I’m not ready to lose you yet
We’ve five rounds to go, so let’s
Fight them to the end

The Belt

I bought you a present Sir
That I think you’ll rather like
It’s sure to make the kitten purr
Which causes you delight
Marking your territory will
Be quite simple I imagine
And trying to stay still
Will be my greatest challenge

Internal Conflict

I spend more time in my head
Than I do in the land of the living
Or so it seems from what I’ve read
And the emotions it’s been giving
If I didn’t need the motivation
I wonder if I would really need
Anything other than my creation
And perhaps a little weed
But as tempting as it is
The real world feeds the words
That create my ideal bliss
So I must not only turn inwards

Legacy Strikes Again

The Legacy will never free it’s hold
Depths of pain continue to unfold
Doubt and insecurity rule
Always saying I am a fool
Yet within there’s so much love
Praying for help from above
I just don’t think I’m going to make it
Don’t have the energy to even fake it
It’s days like this oblivion’s calling
And all because I felt myself falling
How stupid I was to even consider
You’d be the one to finally deliver
The freedom I desperately crave
But emptiness is crashing like a wave
And I’m thinking I’ve seen better days
Starting to list all of the ways
To escape this fucked up spiral
Of never-ending love denial
And find peace at last