Final Thanks

I’ve been dreading this day for weeks,
But now that it’s arrived,
I find anxiety’s not at a peak,
And so far I have survived.
Although the day has barely started,
And who knows what is in store.
By the end we will have parted,
And I won’t see you any more.
I’m not completely devastated,
As I was expecting I would be.
All the things I contemplated,
I now hope to never see.
The future’s looking rosy,
No matter what it brings,
For even if it’s crazy,
I know my heart still sings.
So, here’s my final thank you,
For everything that’s done.
For teaching me to be true,
And for all the joy and fun.
For all the pain and heartache,
The emotions and the tears,
For leaving me more awake,
And learning about my fears.
May all good things come your way,
As we move forward from here.
And the final thing I have to say,
Is, oh my goodness, what a year!


Oh, my babies
I have been thinking
Of you lately
Wondering what
You would have been like
How you would have
Looked and grown
If only I could
See you now
But one day we will
Meet and you
Can tell me then
All the things
I could have known


Three days
Five years
Yet another turning point
Everything seems to hinge
On this date once more
There is a sense of adventure
This time around however
Anticipation is increasing
At what Friday may bring

Left Behind

I haven’t heard from you in quite a while,
And I am really okay with that.
I’m not sure what I would say,
Even if you did contact me.
Things have changed,
In such a very short time.
But isn’t that the way of change?
When we remove the obstacles,
The limitations and restrictions
Of preconceived ideas, and
Negative thinking,
And open ourselves
To the infinite possibilities
Of the Universe, amazing things happen.
So, I’m sorry if you’ve been left behind,
Because I’ve barely kept up myself,
And it’s highly likely I am no longer
The person you once knew.
Regardless of whether we ever reconnect,
Your part in my journey is truly valued,
And will never be forgotten.