3 am

3.15 am
Toss and turn

3.45 am
Surrender the fight

4 am

4.15 am
Make coffee to go

4.30 am
Drive to the park

4.45 am

5 am
Pour my soul into a letter
I will never send

5.15 am
Watch the tugs do their thing

5.30 am
Listen to songs that say
All I can’t express

5.45 am
First sign dawn is coming

6.25 am
Time to get ready for work


2 thoughts on “Morning

  1. Ugh- insomnia sucks! Have you tried Melatonin to help you sleep? Here in Australia we can buy it at the health food store; if I wake up at 3, I’d take a half and be asleep within 20 mins, till 6.30 or so. And no dopey thick head hangover.

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