Passing Ships

We talked for a short time,
But we never met.
The impact you had on me,
Has not receded yet.
You allowed me to grieve,
For children never born,
While you were grieving one,
So special, but now gone.
Every now and then,
You wander cross my mind,
And I think of conversations
We had from time to time.
I wonder how you are,
And hope you’re doing well,
I wish I’d done things different,
But on that I cannot dwell.
I believe that young man,
Waiting up in Heaven,
Would be looking on his Dad
And hoping that the venom
Of grief for a life lost too early
Has now been long removed
From your broken heart and soul,
And I’m sure he has approved
If you’ve once or twice found a smile.
So, as I sit here thinking,
And wondering how you are,
I wish my thoughts will somehow
Reach you from afar.


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