Having a Cow

I have to do something about my head!
Even now, when it’s time for bed,
It continues to complain,
And is sending me insane.
The lies it tells, and the tricks it plays,
When I haven’t heard from you all day,
Is really now beyond the pale,
And its jokes are getting stale.
You wouldn’t believe the day you’ve had,
According to this organ that’s mad!
Everything from hurt to dead,
And you’ve even left me, it has said.
A rational voice whispers very low,
To be patient, but even so,
It is not winning the battle of wits
With a mind that picks everything to bits.
I’m sure you will call when you are ready,
And then for a while my head will steady,
But my dear, in the here and now,
My mind thinks I should ‘have a cow.’


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