I know you will rejoice,
When you read the last few posts.
I also know you will doubt,
I’ve exorcised the ghosts.
Perhaps this is the death,
I felt coming yesterday?
Regardless, I really feel
That I can no longer play.
I’m not worried about the words,
They came to me before,
So I’m sure they’ll come again,
Even though I’ve closed the door.
I still have the lost possession,
Not sure yet what to do,
But I’m sure it will work out,
Just as it is meant to.
I wish I could bottle this emotion,
To feel it when I need,
To prevent a relapse occurring,
That would be good indeed!
You know I need to toughen,
And strengthen my resolve,
But I swear my precious heart
Has never felt this cold.
So, we will chat tomorrow,
To see how I am going,
And I really have to say,
I hope no cracks will be showing.
For now the world has heard,
This promise to myself,
So I need to honour the oath,
And not succumb to stealth.


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