Part of Me

Many times in my life I’ve heard,
“Who’s child are you?”
Then, when I gave your name,
“Oh, I didnt know they had kids.”
I used to laugh it off,
And continue on.
But sitting here now,
watching the screen,
Seeing myself completely
Invisible and ignored,
I’m feeling very hurt.
Yet, I’m not your only child,
So I know its not personal,
Because my sibling, it also seems,
Is unknown to the outside world.
History was rewritten when you died.
Your first forty years
Totally disappeared and forgotten.
I used to wonder, how it could be,
That you became who you were
In less than a third of your life?
Unlike the editors of your story,
I own every second of mine –
The good and the bad –
All of it makes me who I am.
Regardless of how strongly
People would want it to not be true,
You will always be a part of me,
Because your blood
Flows through my veins.


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