Clouds of dust explode in my mind,
As memories rise to the surface.
Emerging from the depths of time and space,
Causing me to wonder at their purpose.

A family walks the path along the water,
Just like our walks along the beach as a group,
Many years ago, in the darkness after dinner.
Adults conversing, as kids circle back in a loop.

A vision of a man, known well as a child,
Takes up residence in my mind alone.
I’m at a loss as to why this is so,
Because its almost three decades he’s been gone.

Family factions that have changed with time,
Run like a movie on a theatre screen.
Once talked to this one, then that one,
Then none at all – no in between.

The birth of a child, and then some more,
Are rebirthed as mental images inside
A mind, so tired from the memory assault,
It’s as passive as the shore to the incoming tide.

Perhaps it’s all the “Lest We Forget”,
And “We will remember them”
That’s in the air today, but whatever it is,
Every surfaced memory is a beautiful gem.


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