I love the way your body reacts and responds
The little shivers you can’t control
The sharp intake of breath
The whispered “fuck”

I love the things your touch tells me
How much you feel, but can’t express
Your respect and love
Your tenderness

I love your smile, when it hits your eyes
And they shine like stars at night
Showing brief moments
Of joy and happiness

I love your voice, how it steals my breath
Making everything feel so right
Calming my anxiety
Setting me free

I love your ability to listen and deliver
The experiences I desire
Even though sometimes
It seems you haven’t heard

I love your lips when they touch mine
Bewitching me with such passion
Leaving an impression
That lasts for hours

I love your arms, strong around me
Providing a protective bubble
Of safety and security
If only for a moment

I love the time we spend together
Never taking it for granted
And wish with all my heart
To stay like this forever


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