I want to sleep, but I don’t feel tired.
I want to write, but the words won’t come.
I want to work, but I can’t be hired.
I want to stop, but I’m not done.
I want to live, but fears restrain me.
I want to sing, but my voice is mute.
I want to love, but no one loves me.
I want to run, but my legs won’t move.
I want to breathe, but there is no air.
I want to give, but I am so empty.
I want to win, but that’s not fair.
I want to hide, but all can see me.
I want to feel, but I’m always numb.
I want to hear, but there is no sound.
I want to smile, but I feel so glum.
I want to leave, but to you I’m bound.


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