Being Me

And you say I’m the crazy one?
How the tables have turned.
You’re behaviour’s quite insane.
How many bridges have you burned?
And if this was done to you,
Would you say that it’s okay?
Can you see the over-reacting,
Irrational dance you did today?
And what of tomorrow,
Or months down the track?
When all the wheels fall off,
And no one’s got your back?
What will be the story,
You tell to all your friends?
Will you say you’re hard done by?
We know how this all ends.
But go on right ahead,
I’ve been accused of worse.
At least I now accept myself.
Not being true is a curse.
You think you are superior,
That you know it all,
But when it gets down to it,
Pride comes before a fall.
A little bit of kindness,
And tolerance, and peace,
And gratitude for what you have
Could help the tensions cease.
I guess time will tell,
What the outcome will be,
But while we are waiting,
I’m so thankful I am me.


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