Language and Content Warning

I don’t normally use curse words in my writing, however, Fury and Rules indicate bad language may become part of my writing voice.

In addition, the topics you will find within this blog cover all aspects of self and life, including sex, sexuality, abuse, and violence.

If any, or all of these things are offensive to you, please don’t read any further.


I feel the need to tell you this
And yet don’t want you to know
At least not while it’s bliss
But earlier tonight the tears did flow
As I thought how long and hard
I have wished and desired to die
During the near and distant past
And how lucky I am to have survived
So I can be here to experience this

Robert’s Gift

My heart is aligned with my mind?
Oh, what a discovery!
What a magical find!
What an aide to recovery!
You are a wonderful man
My thanks are sincere
I think you’re part of the plan
To bust the veneer
Regardless I’m grateful
Because it now makes sense
The knowledge’s delightful
Even though I felt dense
So I will enjoy what is
Just as I have done
And revel in the bliss
Of feeling as one
Thanks for your gift
Although inadvertent
It’s given me a lift
And made me cognizant


Tell me not of your past
Don’t talk about your future
Share with me only your present
Allow me the Honour of now
Give me the gift of this moment
For no matter what has been
Or what is to come
This moment is all that matters