Language and Content Warning

I don’t normally use curse words in my writing, however, Fury and Rules indicate bad language may become part of my writing voice.

In addition, the topics you will find within this blog cover all aspects of self and life, including sex, sexuality, abuse, and violence.

If any, or all of these things are offensive to you, please don’t read any further.


I don’t want to sound bitter
Or twisted
Or ungrateful
But fuck!!
Is my trauma any less?
Is my pain not as hurtful?
Is my loss of childhood worth nothing,
While yours is worth a hundred grand?
Seriously, I don’t understand!


This isn’t how it was meant to be
It’s not the way we planned
The vision we had of you and me
Erased, like the tide washes sand
We thought we would build a life
On friendship and on love
But we’ve had all sorts of strife
To try and rise above
For a while it seemed we would succeed
That all would make us stronger
But now it seems we must concede
The strength we had’s no longer
There is still some time of course
For things to change and grow
But my heart fills with remorse
For the things you think you know
The hands of time I guess will tell
If all these forces overcome us
But for now I wish you well
And make you this one promise
No matter where our lives may lead
Together or apart
You will always be with me
In the centre of my heart

Is It Me?

Oh, the fun of being a writer –
It makes everybody twitchy.
For example, take the Skiter,
With his legs, always itchy,
Who ends up in a novel,
A short story, or a poem,
And then turns to grovel
That yes, he should have known
Better than to call you a hag.

But what of one more generic?
Like say, a stay-at-home mum,
Or a doctor, or a cleric?
Oh, the writer’s fun,
To create with such a mob,
Hearing “Is it me? Is it me?”
As it’s mouthed from their gobs!
“Oh, of course it isn’t thee!
It very rarely is, unless there’s
Right and proper grounds.”